Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cville School Safety

Dear Coy Barefoot, for Mar 21 show

School safety and Why we refuse to accept the only solution:

"Expulsion for unprovoked violent assault." A simple policy. How many times should you be allowed to assault teachers and fellow students before you're kicked out of school? How should the good students react when authorities fail to protect them from a known threat? Shouldn't violent kids be segregated from the general population of those who want to be there and want to learn?

Please bring up these ideas in your discussion on Charlottesville Right Now.

Why can't we expel young thugs from our schools? Funding. At the school board candidates' forum Saturday, activist Karl Ackerman said there had been 19 assaults against teachers and 24 expulsions recommended. The school board must approve any expulsion of a student. Incumbent school board member Ned Michie downplayed the number as a few to come before the board.

If the school board expels 24 students, the schools would lose $288,000 at $12,000 annual cost per student. Councilor Kendra Hamilton has said there are at least 30 students each grade from 5th grade on who will or should drop out because they're not learning ( ). These 240 students would add up to $2.88 million.

Someone else at the forum said there are 100 to 150 students at Buford who will continue to be problems right on through high school. Why can't we kick them out now? 150x12,000= $1.8 million.

I disagree that education is a right. I believe education is a privilege reserved only for well-behaved children. I expect a significant number of parents will have to remove their kids from school until that revenue loss outweighs the loss of kicking out the violent students.

Charlottesville, CHS graduate 1982

Audio of school board forum:

Mar 22: Thanks Coy for asking my question on air.


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