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Blair Hawkins Endorses George Allen

Dear George Loper, (Letter to the Editor, )

It seems to be the year of smear. First, blogger Waldo Jaquith and Charlottesville Councilor Kevin Lynch smeared UVa state climatologist Patrick Michaels by suggesting Michaels' research on global warming is dishonest (biased) because Michaels is funded in small part by a Colorado electric company. In so doing, Jaquith and Lynch smeared all researchers who accept funds for research.

And now, UVa political professor Larry Sabato has spread rumors on national television (Sep. 24, MSNBC with Chris Matthews) that Senator George Allen has been heard to say the N-word in past years. I heard the replay on WINA's "Charlottesville Right Now" with Coy Barefoot last week. Two listeners called in to the show and condemned Sabato for his slander.

You know you're living in an Orwellian universe when the controversy involves a word protected by the First Amendment and also forbidden from utterance.

How do I know it was slander? Because Sabato has anonymous sources. In a courtroom, the defendant has the right to question his accusers. But so far, no crimes have been alleged. Free speech means no one can commit a crime against you for what you say. But there can be plenty of negative consequences. Sabato's gossip destroyed the last shred of his credibility and objectivity.

The drama has revealed a truism: You can be racist as long as you don't say anything racist. Democrats calling Republicans racist is the height of hypocrisy.

They said Allen was racist when he abolished parole in Virginia. The argument was, since more inmates are black, blacks will be incarcerated longer. Integrity and truth in sentencing meant nothing to the Democrats. They said Allen was racist when he reformed welfare, reforms that have strengthened the community.
Calling someone a macaca, in their minds, cancels out raising millions of dollars for blacks to attend college. The use of bad language cancels out Allen's agriculture bill that seeks to correct an injustice against black farmers.

Democrats' demagoguery against Allen allows them not to have a position on anything. What's their plan to reform welfare? Allen is racist. What's their plan to reform the judicial system? He's racist. Demagoguery is when you have the same answer to every question.

Immigration? Racist. Transportation? Racist.

What about the blacks on the receiving end of Allen's programs? Someone from the Charlottesville area called the Neal Boortz show (syndicated on WINA which aired in the 8 pm hour Sep. 30.) The caller said local black newspapers support Allen. That would have to be Agnes Cross-White's The Tribune (since 1954). I haven't seen The African-American Reflector on newsstands lately. I've documented racist policies and remarks in a Charlottesville controlled by Democrats.

So what? Am I now or have I ever been a member of the communist party? I mean-- have I ever used the N-word?

Of course. Have I ever called someone the N-word with the intent to hurt their feelings? Yes. People say all kinds of things in the heat of the moment. And I've been called a lot worse. You know ... the F-word. But I got over it.

Instead of fixating on reckless words, let's focus on deliberate deeds.

Allen on eminent domain August 8, 2005
"I enjoyed talking with folks about a number of different issues over lunch in Front Royal. The last question that I got was about the recent Supreme Court decision regarding "eminent domain" which is the government taking property not for a public project such as a road, school or elementary school. This is an issue that really fires me up and I know that it hits home with many of you all. Private property is one of the pillars of freedom in our society and the Supreme Court's recent ruling diminishes that right in our country. Local governments should not have the ability to act as commissars and take one's home away as if we're serfs or vassals just because they believe they can derive more revenue with another private owner. This case is part of the larger problem of activist judges on the federal bench. They've taken the Pledge of Allegiance out of our schools, they've attacked the Boy Scouts and now they're throwing away our 5th amendment rights with this decision on eminent domain.We need judges that apply the law not invent it. In the Senate, I'll continue working to make sure that we have judges that adhere to the Constitution not amend it by judicial decree!"
I did a yahoo search of Jim Webb's campaign website and I browsed the site. No results for eminent domain. I guess the Constitution is not high on his list of priorities.

Blair Hawkins (electronic mail, October 5, 2006)

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"Debate crucial moment for Allen to shift campaign's focus"

By BOB LEWIS, AP Political Writer, Daily Press, October 7, 2006

"[...] My advice to Jim is to keep doing what you've been doing," he said, and not to worry about Allen trying to trip him up. "Because we can throw Allen off, too. That's an old consultant's trick, the oldest trick in the book." The debate is set for 8 p.m. in the studios of WCVE-TV, Richmond's Public Broadcasting Service outlet, with up to 10 stations signed up to carry it, said debate producer Richard Lesko. Questions for Allen and Webb during the hourlong debate will come from the debate moderator, CBS Sunday Evening News anchor Russ Mitchell, from a three-member panel and from each other. Lesko said each man should be able to ask the other at least two questions apiece. "


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