Saturday, January 20, 2007

Apology for slavery insincere

"NEW ON THE BLOG: McKenzie says he's sorry" January 18, 2007, The Daily Progress

Comment by Blair Hawkins posted January 19:

Let me bring clarity. An apology has three parts that must all be true for the apology to be sincere.

1. Say what you did wrong
2. Say why it was wrong
3. Promise not to do it again

I can't apologize for slavery because I didn't commit the wrong. I can't promise not to do it again because I didn't do it in the first place. However I can say why it was wrong.

If I say I'm sorry for your loss to a grieving widow, what am I really saying? Am I really apologizing? No, I'm just saying I feel bad for you and empathize with you. I'm just being polite.

[Del. Frank D. Hargrove, R-Glen Allen] doesn't want to apologize for something he didn't do because that would be dishonest. He can't apologize on behalf of his political party either. Republicans freed the slaves. Ironically Democrats in the House are eager to apologize for slavery on behalf of someone else- the government of Virginia which never actually owned slaves.

Once in a while someone will ask me why Charlottesville has never apologized for urban renewal. Because it's not over.

1. They can't say what they did wrong becaue they're still doing it.
2. They can't say why it's wrong because they don't think it's wrong.
3. They can't promise not to do it again because they're still doing it with future plans to do more.

Now that slavery has ended, we have the opportunity to get over it.

See also: "Delegate's comments on slavery criticized", By Bob Gibson, January 16, 2007, The Daily Progress


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