Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church still standing

Charlottesville, Va.—The Pleasant Grove Baptist Church south of the airport has not been torn down or relocated. Church services continue to be held there two years after news that the airport would use eminent domain to clear the building from the runway approach.

A Google search gives the address of the church but no mention of having to move the church.

“Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, founded in 1875, is a small, historic black church down Earlysville Road near the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport. The building is within the Federal Aviation Administration’s safety zone and the county has told members for years that the day would come when they would no longer be able to worship there. The airport is also expanding, which will affect 10 property owners. The airport has reached agreements with eight of the owners, said Executive Director Bryan Elliott (“For historic Baptist church, change is on the horizon” by Jeremy Borden, Oct. 19, 2006, The Daily Progress)

“How to get a church out of your way: Eminent Domain”, Oct. 28, 2006

“1875 church to move to make airport approach safer”, Nov. 16, 2006

Other Photos Nov. 15, 2004 by Stowe Keller

These photos taken Nov. 7, 2008.


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