Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Update on Public Housing

Sometimes we long for the simple life. But this issue is anything but simple. With all the action lately, where has Super Blair been the last couple of months? Busy working lots of overtime. I've been neglecting my blog. My focus is shifting to bringing it all together finally in an electronic book about 150 pages. I got bring it all to one place for preservation.

But I have been watching the media. On the radio today, urban renewal expert planner 1973 to 2004 Mayor Satyendra Huja was saying he doesn't like the tactics of PHAR Public Housing Association of Residents. And they are protesting his tactics with decades of building resentment.

Former City Councilor Holly Edwards "debated" WCHV radio host Joe Thomas on the Newsplex last night on the topic of public housing. Neither offered a solution other than to add to, rather than change the status quo. Joe was being polite so he just talked about Holly being a nurse.

The Daily Progress, consistently pro-urban renewal while claiming to support property rights, was able to print the date the urban renewal, housing authority (one and the same) was formed 1954. But only because Republican Chairman Buddy Weber is running for City Council. While the city Republicans finally, officially came out against eminent domain abuse in 2009, Buddy wants better management of the Housing Authority. At the recent Ronald Reagan dinner at the Omni Hotel, Weber pointed out that this dinner was on the site of Vinegar Hill bulldozed 1964 and still much talked about today. But Weber did not explain how it makes sense to say you're against urban renewal and support urban renewal at the same time with a dinner. But that's what happened.

So I guess I'm laying low for a while to give others the opportunity to discuss and report on urban renewal. Finally the Republicans see a connection between the 2012 Va. Property Amendment and Vinegar Hill, but they don't see how Democrat they look but not talking about the whole story of urban renewal. Like a parent talking only about one kid gives the impression he has only one child, talking exclusively about Vinegar Hill has given rise to the impression that this is the whole story, instead of only one of many stories.

Vinegar Hill is only 10 to 20% of urban renewal in Charlottesville according to my research and all the eyewitnesses I know. That's why I have to shift focus to a book form to spread the truth to a larger audience. Would the Republicans lose or gain votes by talking about those other people? for brief updates from time to time.


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