Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Proof that Cville is criminal

Not something you'd like to be able to prove so easily.
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Waldo, I never said there was a secret cabal. I've always maintained that the crimes occurred in public, in plain view, and documented in newspapers.

Now let me try to prove, once and for all, that saying "Cville=criminal" is not libel.
IF A=B AND B=C THEN A=C. If the first two propositions are true, then the conclusion must also be true. (syllogism)

Let's say, A="Felony" and B="seizing property for private use without due process" and C="Charlottesville."

Do you see the light? But wait, you might say that's not a felony as the Supreme Court ruled last summer in Kelo v. City of New London. Fortunately, nobody takes an oath to uphold the Supreme Court. The same court upheld segregation and slavery, known civil rights violations at the time. If the court rules 1+1=3, that's it? Burn all the math books--court says so.

Under the Constitution, property can be seized for private use through due process. Often confused is eminent domain, where property can be seized for public use without due process. These are the only two ways gov't can seize property. Our founding fathers wanted to keep it simple so even the uneducated could know and understand their rights. Any violation of the Bill of Rights is a felony without a statute of limitation.

Now if I could show that Cville has seized a parcel for private use without charging the owner with a crime or breach of contract, that would be grand larceny. What if there were hundreds of properties seized for private use? Would that add up to multiple felony counts?

What about Vinegar Hill? Estimated 150 properties. Except for McIntire Road and Federal Courthouse, everything else is a felony. Does it matter that a referendum okayed the action? Does it matter the mayor was quoted in the newspaper saying the intent was to sell the parcels? Does it matter nobody bought any of the stolen land for 20 years? Does anyone think Vinegar Hill clearance was a good idea and should be repeated?

What if other cities are committing the same crimes? I guess that makes it alright. But it's still a felony that you got away with.

What agency is committing these crimes? Redevelopment and Housing Authority. First they seize your house and sell the land for somebody else's private use. Or they seize your house and rent out the new development for private residential use. Yes, public housing is a felony even though the govt still owns the land.

Do you think people don't know these facts? If public housing itself is a felony, wouldn't you expect it to be a magnet for criminal activity? So it does trouble me that Dave Norris supports the Housing Authority, whose mission is to commit felonies against minority and disadvantaged citizens in order to help other citizens. Norris hasn't mentioned a single reform for the agency.
The evidence consists of deeds sitting right in the courthouse for easy reference. To say the Great Society was flawed to begin with is an understatement.

Somebody will always be talking about the crimes of urban renewal. They're on the same scale as segregation and slavery, and somewhere between the two on the scales of justice. The reason it's against the law in the first place is because of all the trouble it caused last time.

Waldo, not knowing about these "alleged" felonies perpetrated over 4 decades means either (a) you're out of touch or (b) you've never read that Bill of Rights you supposedly carry around in your pocket.

I'm sorry too. It's not my opinion that Vinegar Hill and Westhaven (etc.) are felonies. That is a fact that proves Cville=criminal. It helps to explain a lot of our problems.


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Waldo Jaquith Says: March 28th, 2006 at 10:54 pm
I’m just going to back…away…slowly and not make any sudden movements.

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cvillenative Says: March 28th, 2006 at 11:15 pm
See. And your response is to trivialize. I take it my proof is sufficient. Thanks Waldo.

( http://www.cvillenews.com/2006/03/24/caravati-schilling-secret-cabal/ )


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