Friday, December 26, 2008

Elks Lodge-Juvenile Courthouse update

Charlottesville, Va.—"Mike Mollica, capital projects coordinator for Charlottesville, said the building’s $20.1 million renovation is on target to be “substantially completed” by April 1. The juvenile court operation is expected to be moved from the Levy Opera House by the end of that month" (“Court renovation nearing completion” by Tasha Kates, Dec. 26, 2008, The Daily Progress). This is the only article about this story on the Progress website.

A portion of the back wall collapsed on March 30, 2006 at 12:20 p.m. The local weeklies covered the story. For excerpts, links to those stories and more photos, background, and deed numbers:

“City sues over Elks Lodge-Juvenile Courthouse renovation”, Dec. 5, 2007

Levy Opera House at end of sidewalk, Albemarle Courthouse on right, and renovated 16th District Juvenile and Domestic Courthouse to left (top photo) at High and Park Streets, Court Square.

Origins of the Elks Club:

The Elks had modest beginnings in 1868 as a social club (then called the "Jolly Corks") established as a private club to elude New York City laws governing the opening hours of public taverns. Early members were mostly from theatrical performing troupes in New York City.


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