Monday, February 03, 2014

SIA redevelopment plan passes 4 to 1

Charlottesville, Va. - Newest Councilor Bob Fenwick was the only no vote. Councilor Kathy Galvin gave the most passionate arguments for the nonbinding list of suggestions and goals to redevelop a 47-year-old urban renewal project. Most informed of the history of this project was Mayor Satyendra Huja planning this project since hired in 1973 BUT Huja has no knowledge of his work experience and seemed to know it's all a charade. Fenwick warned the public to be skeptical because of the history. So Galvin's noble goals were cancelled out by Huja's dastardly deeds. After my speech, people were left doubting Council at the most basic level

My speech was the letter to the newspaper. And it resonated through the meeting. Councilor Kristin Szakos said no public land will be sold as a result of tonight's meeting and property can be developed by-right. This is only the first phase of a 30-year plan to attract $300 million for a 330-acre zone but it's really only about 60 acres in the Garrett Street urban renewal area still vacant and for sale. Sort of like a free speech zone. I thought the entire city was an investment area if everyone has the same opportunities. Neighborhood Development Services Czar Jim Tolbert confirmed the City government will "suggest" you build what the City wants.

Councilor Dede Smith corrected something I said Dec. 27 on the Schilling Show. Apparently someone wants to knock down the 1951 Standard Produce except it's 1910 and the date is on the building. Apparently there was a talk on the business history but nothing about urban renewal.

Blair Hawkins is 6th speaker in Public Comment
Charlottesville City Council video Feb. 3, 2014


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