Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cinderella Schilling comment online Daily Progress

Charlottesville, Va.—In response to “Conservative commentator: A rare Republican takes fight to former colleagues” by Bryan McKenzie, Aug. 11, 2008, The Daily Progress, here’s my comment posted there. Rob Schilling said my name on his radio show today, AM-1070 WINA.

(August 12, 2008)

Cinderella Schilling = Schinderella

Rob likes to give nicknames to public figures. So there's mine. In the fairy tale, whom do you believe? Cinderella or the stepmother and stepsisters?

But in Schinderella, the aristocrats at the ball believe the stepmother. Alone and hopeless, Cinderella needs a fairy godmother and powerful Prince Charming to rescue her from the long-running abuse.

In politics you need the townspeople or higher level of government to overpower the elites in order to rescue the victims or give voice to a true injustice. Bryan's article illustrates the bias against Schinderella. It couldn't mention the elected school board or any of Schinderella's accomplishments. They're fairy tales.

In the eight years I've been in local politics, I've learned a few things.

(1) When you make an accusation, it's assumed you're lying unless you can prove it. So Schinderella can refer to documentation showcasing the evil of the stepfamily. But still the aristocrats don't care. They mock the use of reason and evidence.

(2) People often say the opposite of what is true.

-- Caravati said. “He didn’t want to compromise, to come to an agreement. He never called anyone to discuss an issue or talk it over. He was more interested in making a statement.” --

Blake is a self-described dishonest person. If you change 'he' to 'we', it makes more sense. A few weeks after he introduced the city charter amendment to expand the city's urban renewal powers, he said he could now be honest since he wasn't running for a third term (Dec. 2005). (I give the date so you can verify the truthfulness.)

(3) People often say about others what is more true of themselves.

-- “He had his own agenda and often abstained from voting. That was his vote,” Brown said. --

Dems used this accusation in the spring 2006 campaign. But research shows the Dems have a worse record of abstentions. Former Mayors Charles Barber and Mitch Van Yahres spoke at the Democratic convention, the two men involved in the biggest abstention controversy in local history, which brought us the Downtown Mall. The abstainers were Francis Fife, Jill Rinehart and George Gilliam.

After all these years, they want to blame a Republican for the Mall? Which happens to be infested with rats. How can I get away with saying something so shocking? On Page B7 of the Aug. 7 Progress:

"SEALED proposals will be received by the City...until 2:00 P.M. August 15, 2008...from qualified firms to provide a solution to the rat infestation problem on the Downtown Mall..." (Under Proposals-RFP).

If Cinderella had her own radio show, would you expect the stepmother and her aristocratic friends to be upset? Or would you say she's making it up in hopes of finding Prince Charming?

Locally, Schilling is radio free Charlottesville. Keep speaking truths that irk the elites. Maybe they’ll stop abusing their stepchildren some day.

Blair Hawkins