Tuesday, February 24, 2009

AG Candidate Brownlee Speaks to UVA College Republicans

John Brownlee

Audio podcast 21 minutes

Charlottesville, Va.—Candidate for Virginia Attorney General John Brownlee spoke this evening to a dozen UVA College Republicans at Cabell Hall. Chairman of the student group, Savanna Rutherford introduced Brownlee, who was 45 minutes late coming from a Fluvanna County campaign appearance. By comparison, Democratic Presidential Candidate Al Sharpton was an hour and a half late to Cabell Hall in 2004.

On the “trigger man” rule, Brownlee contrasted himself with rival candidate Ken Cuccinelli. Brownlee explained the rule means the mastermind of a bank robbery, for example, who plans and executes the crime, which results in a death, cannot receive the death penalty. But the “trigger man” can. Cuccinelli has recently voted not to change the law to include capital punishment for the mastermind, according to Brownlee.

Brownlee did not contrast himself with Dave Foster, who’s also running for the Republican nomination on May 30 for Attorney General. Brownlee is the only prosecutor campaigning for this office, although the others are attorneys. Brownlee resigned as federal prosecutor for western Virginia last May to pursue the office full-time.

This reporter didn’t ask about eminent domain because Brownlee expressed his position in response to an audience question. He condemned the 2005 Supreme Court ruling in the Kelo v. New London, CT case. I spoke with him after the talk and said I was supporting Cuccinelli because he’s been active on eminent domain before Kelo brought this longstanding controversy to national attention. Brownlee supports Cuccinelli for Senate.

I told Brownlee Charlottesville was a poster child for eminent domain abuse and neighborhood clearing. I am the community watchdog for local political history. Read all about the secrets in this blog. I spoke last week on Joe Thomas’ morning show on WCHV 1260-AM / 94.1 FM. For 20 minutes we talked about eminent domain, revenue sharing and the annexation moratorium to expire next year unless it’s renewed. I said Vinegar Hill was plea bargaining: we agree to talk about the first neighborhood cleared if we don't have to talk about other neighborhoods, which has given rise to the myth that this is the only project in the city's history.

To become a delegate for the May 30 Convention, visit Brownlee’s and Cuccinelli’s websites below for deadlines in various localities.

In Albemarle County , you must pre-file by March 20 at 8 p.m.

In Charlottesville, you need only show up to the mass meeting March 28, according to an email from Buddy Weber, Chairman of the Charlottesville Republican Committee. Weber said he would make the announcement this week.

John Brownlee
Ken Cuccinelli
Dave Foster
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College Republican Federation of Virginia

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